Thrust Washers For Honda
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Thrust Washers For Honda


Part no. 1T1957-STD
SUITS: Honda Acura D16A, D16B, D16W, D16Y, D16Z, 1590cc Inline 4. Honda Acura B16A, 1595cc Inline 4. Honda Acura B17A1/B18A1/B18B1/ B18B2, 1678cc/1834cc Inline 4. Honda B18A/B20A SOHC only, 1834cc/1958cc Inline 4. Honda/Acura B18C1 /B18C2/B18C5/B18C7, 1797cc Inline 4 VTEC. Honda/Acura B20A/B21A/B21A1, DOHC only 1958cc/2056cc Inline 4. Honda B20B/B20Z, 1972cc Inline 4. Honda/Acura K20A3, 1998cc Inline 4. Honda/Acura K20A2 / K20Z1 / K24A/ K24Z1, 1998cc/2354cc Inline 4. Honda K20C1 (Type R, 2015 on)
1998cc Turbo Inline 4. Honda H22A / H22Z, 2157cc Inline 4.
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